Friday, June 8, 2007


January 9, 2006, in the evening, in a forest area north of Nacogdoches, Texas, I was confronted by an entity that I didn't even know existed on this planet. He said, "May I connect with you?" I cried out in terror, "Jesus save me; save me from hell! What do I do, what do I do?" The Lord said, "Say yes." Quaking with fear, I said, "Yes." It does not matter whether anyone believes this or not. My Lord Jesus Christ knows, and He is the only one who matters.

This was not supposed to happen to me; I had preached in Calvinist churches from Napa, California to Atlanta, Georgia, and had served as interim pastor for a Baptist church in Nacogdoches. By January 9, 2006 I had assiduously studied all 66 books of the Bible, all 31,102 verses no less that five times; I preached that because of the meaning of the Hebrew word "ERETZ", "GE" in the Septuagint (LXX), "territory within fixed boundaries", Genesis 1 only referred to the last human species, Hebrews, and their territory, Sumer, and their territory's 87 endemic species listed in Leviticus 11; and Genesis 7 described the regional deluge that preserved the ecology of the Hebrew. Moreover, until January 9, 2006 I considered all this UFO stuff silly; and I had never visited a UFO website. I had enrolled in college as a freshman in January 1988 and graduated summa cum laude in 1989 with a teaching degree in government and physical education; then I challenged the four-year degree in physics, the four-year degree in chemistry and the four-year degree in biology; that is, I challenged the post-degree teacher certification exam for these disciplines on the same day, and I scored 90% composite; and I was awarded teacher certification in every science taught in grades 6-12 in the Texas school system. My I.Q. is one level above Mensa.

This entity was 4' tall, had a pronounced cranium, large almond-shaped eyes, small nose and mouth. Off to my right oblique was his craft that reminded me of a giant Beefeaters' hat larger than my house. The entity said that he was a KATACHTHONIOS, a member of the subterranean civilization that the apostle Paul wrote about in Philippians
2:10; the Katachthonios were responsible for many of the UFO sightings around the planet, and they worship Jesus as their Creator. He said they were about to intrude into ABO affairs; they were going to come out en masse and target transportation vehicles land sea and air, military commercial and private, because they were belching out CO2 into the atmosphere--THEIR atmosphere. And this endangered the Katachthonios lifespan. And this would not stand.


1st hour: Refineries-pump jacks (except for those refineries committed to PROPANE, ETHANOL and NATURAL GAS production) will be over-flown by discs, triangles, cylinders, and disabled with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which all KATACHTHONIOS vehicles deploy--UAV and manned

These unilateral actions will reduce targeted facilities to scrap iron, but will not harm a single human being

2nd hour: Military Bases U.S. Canada UK France Russia China Israel...
Some ABO might say: "Dummies! Why not disable the Militaries first?"
Katachthonios reply: "If we wanted to conquer YOU we would have done so ages ago when you were throwing spears and slinging stones

Refineries come first to imprint on the low IQ ABO that it's about preserving species not validating superiority; what KATACHTHONIOS wish to avoid are 1938 Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" mass hysteria and 1929 stock market suicides"

3rd hour: Airports, Bus depots, Train stations

including air traffic control towers, dispatch centers

4th hour: Coal-fired Electrical Generation plants: U.S., China...

No nuclear powered electrical generating stations will be targeted

5th hour: Trucking depots-Oil Tankers-Cruise Ships-Pipelines

6th hour: Commercial and military, land sea and air manufacturing plants, except Toyota Prius and the environmental-friendly facilities

Evangelicals say KATACHTHONIOS are subterraneans from the world below

Greek mythologists say ZEUS KATACHTHONIOS was the husband of PERSEPHONE

The apostle Paul lists KATACHTHONIOS among the LIVING ENTITIES who have the capacity to bend their knee in religious veneration and use their tongue to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord; KATACHTHONIOS dwell "KATA, under; CHTHON, ground"

Philippians 2:10 - En tw onomati IHSOU pan gonu kamyh epouraniwn kai epigeiwn kai KATAXQONIWN

At the name-of JESUS some-of-all-sorts knees should-bend-in-religious-veneration epouranios-entities and epigeios-entities and SUBTERRANEAN-ENTITIES

>>Are epouranios-entities [EPI, up-on; OURANOS, vaulted expanse of the sky, i.e. angels and arche] dead entities? NO; Satan is yet ALIVE

>>Are epigeios-entities [EPI, up-on {not, below-in} GE, land enclosed within fixed boundaries, i.e. human beings] dead entities? NO

>>Are KATACHTHONIOS [KATA, under; CHTHON ground] dead entities? NO NO

KATACHTHONIOS are ALIVE, crashed in Roswell, produced the Phoenix Lights, breathe oxygen; therefore they are about to come out en masse to destroy the epigeios' CO2-belching kosmos, which is threatening the lifespan of the grays, which has deforested the habitation of panda, deforested the habitation of lemur, and depredated ecoregions of epigeios and KATACHTHONIOS

Katachthonios in Revelation 5:3,13 are listed among the entities who worship God; but, alas, were found unworthy to open the book in the right hand of God. Revelation Textus Receptus words describing grays are "HUPOKATO GE"

Revelation 5:3,13 - And no OUDEIS (no LIVING ENTITY) in OURANOUS (the layered visible and invisible expanse into which Paul was caught up) nor on GE (specifically the territory within fixed boundaries known as the Roman Empire, seeing that all the prophecies of Revelation penned 2000 years ago were to come to pass IMMEDIATELY and were AT HAND 2000 years ago) nor UNDER DOWN DOWN BENEATH the GE kept on having the DUNAMAI (from whence springs "dynamite") to open the BIBLION (book) nor to perceive by the senses the book. And every creature which is (5748) in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are (5748) in the sea, [HERE ARE YOUR USO] and all that are in them, heard I (5656) saying (5723), Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that sitteth (5740) upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever.

David Salomen

Nacogdoches, TX
Honorable Discharge 1970 USMCR


Pablo said...

this makes a lot of sense to me.

blutailfly said...

hi david, been reading your writing on magnuss, and iam a believer. i believe in who they say they are, i believe in the same God as they do, and they have taught me so much more about God, and so have your writing, so thanks again, iam looking forward to independence day